Have you received an Electrical Defect Notice?

An electrical defect is an issue with the wiring or electrical components of a home. It could be a fault in your switchboard, a loose point of attachment, damaged consumer mains, or something else.

These defects can cause a number of problems, from minor annoyances to serious safety hazards. It is important to know what to look for and how to fix these defects when they occur. We provide assistance on all types of electrical defects to help troubleshoot and fix them.

If you’ve recently received an electrical defect notice, it’s important to understand what it means and what actions you need to take.

We can assist you in everything be it helping you with the information about electrical defects or what to do if you receive a notice.

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If any of the following events happen, it may be an indication that you have a problem with your power lines:

● A huge tree falls on one or more stretches of line causing widespread blackouts.

● The poles might themselves start deteriorating which leads them being less able to stand before they fall on electrical lines.

● There could be intense city storm, bad weather in general.

As electricity is needed for everything from powering appliances and lights to running traffic signals ultimately, this can lead to many different problems in our daily lives. If powerlines aren’t repaired quickly enough further damage can result over time and the situation may become extremely hazardous resulting in the possible loss of life.

No matter what our experts know the best solution to keep you safe.

What is an Electrical Defect Notice?

An electrical defect notice is a safety precaution that can be issued if your setup and connection do not meet minimum standards set by several laws including NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995, the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulations 2006 & Service Installation Rules of New South Wales. It’s important to know what this means for you because it could mean an upgrade or replacement of old equipment in order to stay compliant with these regulations.

If electrical defects are identified then you’ve got a finite number of days to resolve the infringement. This varies depending on your electricity distributor – Endeavour Energy allows 30, whereas Ausgrid only 21 so there’s not much room for error when it comes down to this part!

It becomes even more crucial in emergency situations where an audit has been called without prior notice or after they’ve occurred